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Telemedicine Service

If you have questions, please contact the Office of Health Services at (423) 232-5380.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the telemedicine program?

A: With just over 8,000 students in Johnson City Schools, we are in a position to help fill the gaps in healthcare that so many of our students face. Students learn best when they are healthy and they can improve their academic achievement and life prospects by missing fewer days due to illness. This program is also meant to provide parents/guardians with a convenient option to ensure their child’s health is cared for in a timely and cost-effective manner, providing them fewer missed days of work.

Q: How does a school-based virtual health visit work?

A: With the help of technology, an off-site provider can receive information related to a patient’s medical condition. With the assistance of the school nurse, the off-site provider will interact live with the patient through the computer, view images of their throat/mouth, eats, eyes, skin rashes and so forth, as well as order basic labs and send prescriptions to the patient’s pharmacy, if needed. Our virtual health providers are doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners employed by Ballad Health Medical Associated Urgent Care.

Q: If I sign up, does this service replace my child’s primary care provider?

A: No, this service is not intended to replace your child’s regular primary care provider. The telemedicine service merely provides convenient access to medical care when it might otherwise be difficult due to school attendance and/or parental/guardian work schedules. It is very important that your child have a “traditional” primary care provider. We also strongly encourage annual health maintenance visits (also known as annual check-ups) with your child’s traditional primary care provider.

Q: Can I participate in the visit with a medical provider?

A: Yes, and you are encouraged to do so, when you are available.

Q: If I can’t participate in the visit, how will I be informed of the care my child received?

A: If you are unable to participate, you will receive communication informing you of the outcome of the visit. Ballad Health will follow up with you after the visit. If your child needs further treatment, this will be communicated by the school nurse. A faxed copy of the report can also be sent to your child’s primary care provider if this is indicated on the enrollment paperwork.

Q: Can a medical provider write prescriptions?

A: Yes. In the event your child needs a prescription, the provider will electronically prescribe them to your preferred pharmacy for you to pick-up.

Q: Does my insurance cover the virtual health visit?

A: We will file with your insurance, or you have the option to pay a flat fee of $49 per visit. Please note there is an additional cost for flu and/or strep tests.

  • Billing your insurance

Please remember, if you have not met your deductible for the year, you will be responsible for the out-of-pocket portion determined by your plan. If your child does not have insurance, we can also work to determine if he/she is eligible for the state health insurance plan (TennCare).

  • Self-Pay

If you choose to pay the flat rate of $49 per visit, please check the "Self-Pay" box on the Patient Information Form.

Q: If I don't want my child to use this service, can he/she still see the school nurse?

A: Yes; simply disregard the enrollment forms, If your child becomes ill at school, he/she cannot use this service if the enrollment forms have not been completed.

Q: How do I enroll my child in this program?

A: To enroll your child in the program, you will need to complete the enrollment form provided in the packet and any additional requested items. You may also access forms by clicking here or contacting your child's school nurse.

Please note, if the required forms are not on file at the school, your child will not receive care. Please be sure to complete all the required information to ensure efficient processing. Please return the forms to your child's school nurse.

Important Links

Telemedicine Enrollment Forms

Please return these completed forms to your child’s school nurse.

Virtual Health Sheets (ENG)

Virtual Health Sheets (ESP)


Last Updated: October 12, 2020