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Child Find: Early Intervention

A priority for Johnson City Schools is to identify and evaluate all students ages 3-22 who have a disability or is suspected of having a disability including children who are homeless, enrolled in public or private schools, homeschooled, migrant students, English language learners, as well as students enrolled in correctional facilities.  Please contact the Office of Special Programs  at 423-434-5235 to schedule an evaluation.  Areas of disabilities are: Autism, Deaf-Blindness, Deaf/Hearing Impaired, Developmentally Delayed, Emotional Disturbance, Functionally Delayed, Intellectually Gifted, Multiple Disabilities, Other Health Impaired, Orthopedic Impairment, Specific Learning Disability, Speech or Language Impairment, Traumatic Brain Injury, Visual Impairment.


Pre-School Special Education Teachers

Tatum Odum, Child Find Coordinator & Pre-School Teacher

Child Find Phone:  (423) 434-5259


Services Provided

Child Find/Public Awareness

Developmental speech, language, hearing and vision screenings

Transdisciplinary, developmental assessments

Individual Education Programs (IEP)

Center-Based Pre-school Program

Transportation provided for children with special need

Consultation to daycare and pre-school programs

Interagency cooperation

Speech and language therapy (Center Based)

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Transition Planning

Vision Specialist

Deaf Education  


Population Served

Center-based preschool programs serve children from ages three to five who are developmentally delayed and/or who have a diagnosed developmental disability such as down syndrome, sensory impairment, autism, or language.

Eligibility for services shall be determined by an Individualized Educational Program Team, based on a review of these assessments.


Developmental Milestones
3 Years

Does he/she alternate feet (one stair per step) going upstairs?

Does he/she wash his/her own hands?

Does he/she use the toilet by his/her self?

Does he/she jump off the floor with both feet?

Does he/she turn the pages of a book one at a time?

Does he/she use three-word phrases?

Does he/she identify square and round?

Does he/she know his/her first and last names?

Does he/she identify self as a boy or girl?

Does he/she express regret when another child is unhappy or hurt?

4 Years

Does he/she dress and undress fully?

Does he/she know all his/her colors?

Does he/she button clothes fully?

Does he/she attempt to hop or skip?

Does he/she alternate feet going down stairs?

Does he/she pedal a tricycle?

Does he/she cut with scissors following a line?

Does he/she use please, thank you, and you're welcome?

Does he/she tell function of objects (i.e., such as a spoon)?

Does he/she tell what eyes, ears, and nose are used for?

Does he/she engage in adult role-playing or imitation?

Does he/she brush teeth without assistance?

5 Years

Does he/she catch a ball?

Does he/she tie his/her own shoes?

Does he/she spread with a knife?

Does he/she print his/her name?

Does he/she ever ask what a word means?

Does he/she want to be a "mother's helper", likes to do things for you?

Does he/she play competitive games and abide by the rules?

Does he/she stand on each leg for ten seconds?

Does he/she kick a ball in the air?

Does he/she draw a person with eight body parts?

Does he/she follow 3-step verbal commands?

Does he/she tell familiar stories?

Does he/she sequence objects from smallest to largest?


Last Updated: September 21, 2022