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Helpful Tech Tips


If you are having problems with your Chromebook, it likely needs a "deep power wash". 

NOTICE: Before you follow these steps, please have the password to your home Wi-Fi ready.

1.  Turn on the Chromebook.

2.  Press and hold the following keys: 'Esc', 'Refresh', and 'Power' until the screen goes black.

  • The 'Refresh' key is on the top row of keys and looks like an arrow making a circle. 
  • The 'Power' key is on the top row of keys and looks like a circle with a line going down into the top.

3.  When the screen says, "Please insert a recovery USB stick or SD card," hold the 'Ctrl' key and press the 'd' key.

4.  When the screen says, "To turn OS verification OFF..." , press the 'Enter' key.  The screen will go black.

​5.  When the screen says, "OS verification is OFF..." , press the 'Enter' key.  The Chromebook will say, "OS verification is ON", then cycle through some screens.

6.  When the screen says, "Welcome!", click 'Let's go'.

7.  When the screen says, "Connect to network..,"  choose your home Wi-Fi and type in the password for your Wi-Fi.  Click 'Connect'.

  • If you are doing this at school, click "Add other Wi-Fi network".  Set the SSID to jcsdevices and security set to none.  Click 'Connect'.

8.  When the screen says, "Google terms of service...," click 'Accept and Continue'. 

9.  When the screen says, "Enterprise enrollment complete," click 'Done'.

10. When the screen says, "Sign in to your Chromebook...," click 'Next'.

11. When the screen says, "Johnson City Schools..," enter your student Username and Password.  Click 'Login'.