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Employee ID Badges

Molly Creedon, Identogo Finger Printing Clerk | Employee ID Badges

Phone: (423) 434-5203


Instructions for Obtaining Your Employee ID Badge

New Hires

Once you have completed a TBI background check, and turned in all new hire paperwork to Human Resources, please see Molly Creedon at Central Office to have your employee ID badge made.  A photo will be taken for your badge the day you submit your paperwork. Please dress appropriately.

Job Location Change or Replacement Badge Due to Loss / Damage

Your principal will need to email Molly Creedon the reason for the new badge.  The email must include the following employee information:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Work location
  • Reason for the request

The employee will need to come to Central Office and see Molly Creedon to have a new badge made. If there is an old badge, it should be returned to Molly Creedon at Central Office for disposal once the employee has received their new badge. 

Name Change

You will need complete a name change within TN Compass.  Once the request of your name change has been made, inform Jan Mominee, Leia Valley, and Dr. Roger Walk by email of the name change.

Once the name change has been completed in TN Compass, see Molly Creedon at Central Office for a new badge.

Last Updated: July 11, 2024