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Despite end of year, Science Hill students not slowing down in reading challenge

Despite end of year, Science Hill students not slowing down in reading challenge

Even with the calendar turning to May, Science Hill students aren’t slowing down. Students were still turning pages throughout April as Science Hill hosted their own reading challenge. The Science Hill staff wanted to challenge students to see how much they can read during the month of April. In all, students accumulated 130,666 minutes of reading.

That number had Science Hill library media specialist Anne Timbs pleasantly surprised, as she set the goal of just 20,000 minutes.

“It’s been really great to see the excitement about reading,” Timbs said. “I’ve had students coming into the library very excited about this challenge, and some of the students aren’t typical ones that make it a habit to stop by the library,” Timbs said through a smile. “The students have been eager to try and win the prizes. We really appreciate the Science Hill PTA for providing prizes.”

The three winners of the contest included Kayleigh Stocton, Elena Pieski and Rylei Foster. Seniors read most of all students, followed by sophomores, freshmen and then juniors. The PTA awarded gift cards to Chick-Fil-A, Barbeitos and Taco Bell to the top three.

“I’ve really enjoyed the reading challenge,” said Stocton, weeks before she found out that she was the winner. “I really enjoy reading but I have sort of been in a slump – so this really encouraged me to read more.”

Pieski is only a freshman, but she was used to reading challenges with Accelerated Reader (AR) from her time in middle school.

“So, when I heard about this one, I knew I was going to do it,” she said.

Science Hill sophomore Harlee Davis noted that she was really excited to hear about the reading challenge. She considers reading to be a passion, so that

“When I found out about this reading challenge, I was just really excited,” Davis said. “I am passionate about reading, and now I get to apply my passion toward this reading challenge.”

Timbs said that she was happy to see so many students participate in the reading challenge.

“Reading is something that benefits you no matter what you do. The more you read, the more you learn, so it’s great to see students so excited about reading,” Timbs said.

Timbs said she hopes to parlay the success of the reading challenge into a bigger celebration next year as students may compete for the Toppers Reading Cup.  

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