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Homework Club helps deliver smiles to Liberty Bell students

Homework Club helps deliver smiles to Liberty Bell students


Homework has become a fun after-school activity thanks to the group overseeing the Liberty Bell Homework Club. The group held their winter parent involvement event last week, and according to the smiles and participation, it was a hit.  

“The Winter Celebration was awesome,” Liberty Bell parent Melissa Brown said. “It was a wonderful time to spend with our child doing something fun. We are thankful for the opportunity to attend and can’t wait to see how the pottery turned out.”  

For the event, Into the Fire provided ornaments for the students to paint and mugs for the parents to paint. Pizza, popcorn and drinks were provided by the Food City on North State of Franklin. The parent engagement event allowed parents to meet the three organizers of the homework club, Julia Thomas, Stephanie Ledford and Sarah Taylor. During the event, they were able to put names to faces and improve the home-school connections that are vital to student success.   

 “We are constantly communicating with the parents, so it was great to put names with faces and let them get to know us,” Taylor said. “A lot of our parents commented on how well behaved the students were and how much they appreciate the extra help their child is receiving this school year.”  

The homework club supervisors communicate with parents from the group via e-mail and Canvas to help. The students’ teachers are also able to contact the homework club to address any concerns.  

“We feel like the Homework Club has been very beneficial,” Taylor said. “We are constantly tweaking things to provide the best environment for the students. The best part for me is connecting to students in a way that you can’t in the classroom. I feel like I really get to know the students and can make lasting connections.” 

The Homework Club is currently at capacity with 90 students, but they are thrilled with the progress they have made.  

It’s no secret that some students scoff at the thought of homework. But the Homework Club detours that by allowing students who are done with their homework to rotate through different activities. The activities include Junior Achievement, Social and Emotional Engagement, TV production, Nutrition and cooking led by The University of Tennessee Extension out of Washington County, Storytelling and Production, Physical Education and Yoga, Craft Class, Etiquette Demonstrations of proper social manners, and Science Lessons provided by Hands-on Museum.  

“We believe by having engaging activities the students will be encouraged to do their homework and complete missing assignments,” Taylor said.