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Indian Trail welcomes All Pro Dad chapter to help strengthen relationships

Indian Trail welcomes All Pro Dad chapter to help strengthen relationships

Indian Trail Intermediate School recently started a chapter of a national organization called All Pro Dad. The program at Indian Trail is one of 18 chapters across the state. The All Pro Dad program provides opportunities for fathers/father figures and their children to develop stronger bonds by creating connections to real-world topics that are discussed at each meeting.

Their next meeting is scheduled for Friday, February 4 at 7 a.m. and the topic of the meeting will be consistency. The group will continue to meet on the first Friday of each month through April. Attendees are asked to park in the back of the school to enter the cafeteria.

“We are excited to bring this program to Indian Trail,” said Indian Trail teacher Glynda Carruthers, who helped start the chapter at Indian Trail. “All Pro Dad not only fosters positive relationships between fathers and their children, but it also promotes effective interaction. The curriculum helps fathers be more involved in their child's life with a program tailored to build healthy relationships.”

The response has been great and Indian Trail Principal James Jacobs said they are always happy to welcome more participants.

“We are always looking for ways to welcome our families and fathers here at Indian Trail,” he said. “All Pro Dad is a really good fit for the relationships we want to foster in our school.”

Indian Trail father Scott Linn has attended the meetings with his child. He said that he was excited when he heard Indian Trail started its own chapter.

“My son and I have really enjoyed the meetings,” Linn said. “As a dad, it’s a good way to be involved with my son at school. The meetings have been well-organized and have helped my son and I engage in meaningful conversations. In a family where we always seem like we’re running from one event to the next, it’s nice to have something on the calendar that helps us engage in one on one conversation.”

“I think it’s helped my son open up to me a little more than he might have otherwise by seeing other kids engage with their dads too,” Linn continued. “We’ll often talk about what we discussed at the meetings later that evening at dinner with my wife and older son. I would certainly encourage any dads with kids at Indian Trail to get involved and attend the All Pro Dad meetings.”

Indian Trail parent Andy Hull has also attended the meetings with his son, Benjamin.

“I have subscribed to the All Pro Dad daily emails for years now, and I was really excited to hear that they started a group at Indian Trail,” he said. “All Pro Dad provides advice, encouragement, and support to help men be better fathers and husbands. They give very practical tips that apply to fathers of kids of all ages while encouraging men to be strong leaders in their families and the community. Although it is great to receive the daily emails, it is even better to have a local group at Indian Trail.”

The chapter leaders for Indian Trail include Jacobs, Carruthers, Noah Charles, Garrett McDonald, and Glenna Russell. Carruthers will be attending the national convention in February and is excited to bring back information that can help strengthen the chapter.

“I cannot wait to learn even more about this dynamic program, glean feedback from other chapter leaders as to how their program works in their communities, and bring back fabulous ideas for our chapter,” she said.

The purpose of, "All Pro Dad," is to promote healthy, productive interaction with fathers and their children with real-world, focus-driven topics that carry over into extended discussions once they are at home. All Pro Dad offers extra resources, aligned with their curriculum, to enhance the meeting topics for families to implement the ideas and positive strategies provided for each lesson topic. For questions or to provide feedback to the Indian Trail chapter, please visit  For additional information or to sign up for the daily emails from All Pro Dad, please visit