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Mountain View finishes year strong with school-wide reading event

Mountain View finishes year strong with school-wide reading event

Students at Mountain View Elementary ended the school year with a school-wide reading event as each student was given a copy of Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White. For the month of May, Mountain View students from all grades were provided with a reading schedule and were encouraged to read the book together in an event called Our School, Our Book.

Mountain View Principal Dr. Melissa Stukes said that their students were excited by the activity. Students followed the reading calendar and they were asked daily trivia questions and rewarded with prizes. Some teachers also incorporated other activities in their classrooms to encourage participation and help students remain engaged.

“Our leadership team thought this would be a story that students could enjoy, no matter their grade level,” Stukes said. “All students received their very own copy of the book. We hope they will keep it and reread it on their own in the future.”

Students finished the final chapter on May 24 and the goal was to create a community of readers by asking all Mountain View Mustangs – students, parents, teachers and staff – to read the same book at the same time. The leadership team selected Charlotte’s Web because the teachers like the vocabulary and story elements.

“We wanted to end the year with a family involvement event that would be engaging and help create a community of readers at Mountain View,” Mountain View assistant principal Jesse Cigarroa said. “Our goal is to begin a new tradition that will build on our students’ love of reading at school and home.”

Teachers took time during their classes to read the book out loud, but they made sure to stay a chapter behind so that families could enjoy the book together each night. Mountain View 3rd grade teacher Laura Edwards noted that one family had a member on military deployment and requested an extra book so they could read together.

“They said this was a great way for them to connect with their child each night,” Edwards said “I have had a lot of positive feedback from parents and many of my students are spending more time as a family at home reading this book.”

Mountain View 4th-grader Promise Sayee said that she has added the book to her home collection and has spent some nights reading it to her younger sister.

“I think it’s cool we can all experience the same type of feelings toward the book together,” she said.

Mountain View 3rd-grader Abriana Garcia agreed and said that she has also been reading the book to a sibling.

“I like when everybody reads (aloud in class) because they make the characters have a voice,” she said.

Mountain View 2nd-grade teacher Shannon Gillis said that she has noticed students reading their books in the hallways and cafeteria, taking any moment they have to read their book.

“My students are engaged and interested in the book when we read it each morning,” Gillis said. “This has been a great time of year to do this activity to give the kids something fun to focus on.”