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Three Science Hill students sign with Bell for internships

Three Science Hill students sign with Bell for internships

Opportunities are plentiful at Science Hill High School, and now even more options are available for Science Hill students thanks to a partnership with Bell, an aerospace manufacturer. On Thursday, three Science Hill students signed to intern for the spring semester at the Bell facility inside the Tri-Cities Airport. 

Each student will spend at least two class periods at their facility in Bluff City. Science Hill junior Brayden O’Neil will work within the logistics department, while junior Samantha Wilder will work in manufacturing kitting. Science Hill senior Xander Duman will spend three class periods working with landing gears, before returning to Science Hill’s campus for his 4th-period welding class. 

“We are very grateful to Bell and our other community partners that offer opportunities like these to our students,” Science Hill Work-Based Learning Coordinator Adrian Smith said. “These students will be able to try out careers in the real world and help define what they’d like to pursue professionally.” 

Bell representatives were on hand for the signing and were excited to offer this opportunity for students. 

“From a business standpoint and the workforce development standpoint, programs like these help us make sure that we can sustain the business,” said Joel Salva, who serves as the Manager of Integrated Business Planning for Bell. “The hard part is that the skillset isn’t common in this area, so we are looking for ways to cultivate the talent and ensure they have the proper skillset. This program provides us the opportunity to help us and help these students gain valuable experience.” 

O’Neil said that he was really pleased to learn about the program. 

“It’s great,” O’Neil said. “The ability to go and work for two class periods a day and getting that experience. It’s a really cool opportunity. It is something that I probably wouldn’t have pursued on my own. So getting to go into the workforce and getting my feet wet in something that I could explore as a career is a great opportunity.” 

Wilder was recommended by her STEM instructor Brad Gentry to participate in the program. 

“It’s definitely pretty cool work, and I am excited,” Wilder said. “It’s a lot of real-world experience that I think is going to be really helpful no matter where I go. But for someone who is pursuing a STEM career, it will be really helpful.” 

Duman has spent a lot of his time on the Science Hill campus within the Career and Technical Education program. 

“My goal is to eventually get to the welding part of working with landing gears,” Duman said through a smile. “I am still working to get my certification to be able to do that, but it is something that I am working toward. I have never really seen college as something that I want to do, so this will provide me with real-world experience and help me figure out what I’d like to do as a career.” 

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