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Science Hill releases information about Summer School

Science Hill releases information about Summer School


Science Hill High School will host summer school at Science Hill from May 29 through June 26. Students interested in taking classes will need to fill out this form and return it to their counselor to register for summer school.

If a parent would like to request summer school for their student, they can click here to fill out a Google Form.

The Science Hill Summer School Registration form must be returned to counselors by May 17.

For more FAQs, please see below.


Frequently asked questions about Science Hill Summer School: What are the dates? May 29 - June 26

Where is Summer School located? Summer School 2024 will be located at the main campus of Science Hill High School. Parent pickup/drop-off will occur at the main office. What are the times? 1st Block 7:40-9:10

Break 9:10-9:20

2nd Block 9:20-10:50

Lunch available 10:50-11:20

Community Service 11:30-2 pm

11:30-2 pm (Credit Recovery)

*Students will have a schedule to follow for the duration of summer school and will be allowed to leave at the end of the last class they are enrolled in. Will breakfast and lunch be provided? Breakfast and Lunch will be available for purchase.

Will transportation be available? AM transportation is available. The appropriate Transit form must be filled out to ride. PM transportation is only available at 2 pm. Will grades replace or be a traditional credit recovery? Grades will be replaced for all "in-person" taught courses. Credit Recovery will be taught using the platform Edmentum and students will earn a grade of 60 for successful completion of a course.

Can students attend for partial days? Yes, we expect students to attend the in-person classes, but if they only need one course they can come for their assigned class and then leave campus. What is the attendance policy? Attendance is vital for summer school. Students are allowed 2 absences during the 20-day summer school (June 19 summer school will be closed). If a student exceeds this number, they will be removed from the class. The only exception to this rule is if approved by Administration. How much does summer school cost? Summer school is free to students.


Courses available:

Algebra 1B
Algebra 2
English 1
English 2
Spanish 1
World History and Geography
Credit Recovery

Rising 9th grade students can register for summer school classes: Computer Science and Wellness. They will receive this information at their 4-year plan night.